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Project Details:

Project:Smart City Asset Deployment
Scope:Smart City network design, installation & management
Duration:2021 - 2030
Fact Sheet: Download PDF

ENE.HUB is a fully integrated Smart City Infrastructure provider with operations in Australia and the USA. UCG’s first project for ENE.HUB in 2017 was to design, supply and install 21 kilometres of a 144-core fibre backbone network which now supports over 40 SMART.NODEs™ which were installed within a heritage and environmentally controlled environment, the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. Since then, UCG’s bespoke design team and technical staff have designed and constructed over 40 kilometres of fibre and erected over 150 SMART.NODEs™ in City of Sydney, City of Geelong and Moreton Bay Regional Council precincts.

In 2021, UCG signed a 9-year contract with ENE.HUB to be their exclusive design and construct partner for all ENE.HUB projects across Australia.

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Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

In 2017, The Royal Botanic Garden & Domain Trust contracted ENE.HUB to supply and install a fibre optic network throughout and to install 40 SMART.NODEs™ to provide smart city services including Smart Lighting, 4G/5G connectivity, public Wi-Fi, help points and many more. ENE.HUB engaged UCG to design, supply and construct the intra-site optical fibre network by using existing third-party pits and ducts, and by constructing new assets.

The scope of work with the Royal Botanic Gardens included the design, supply and installation of a 144-core fibre backbone network with several 24-fibre spurs, 6 fibre drops and 18 fibre joints. In total, 21 kilometres of fibre cable and 40 SMART.NODEs™ were installed within a heritage and environmentally controlled environment. UCG’s bespoke design team and technical staff were successfully able to minimise expenses through collaboration with ENE.HUB.

To mitigate the major concerns regarding soil contamination, several limitations were placed on equipment allowed onto the grounds, and many activities had to be performed by hand and after hours. This included the use of hand drawn carts and manual hauling.

Geelong Foreshore, City of Greater Geelong

In 2019, UCG was awarded the network design, installation and connection of 8 SMART.NODEs™ along the Geelong foreshore. This project fell under the City of Greater Geelong’s smart city strategic framework and was a result of the council’s success in the first round of the Federal Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. Geelong partnered with ENE.HUB to deliver this Smart City infrastructure foreshore installation.

Petrie Mill Precinct, Moreton Bay Regional Council

In 2019, UCG was awarded the fibre design, installation and connection of 52 SMART. NODEs™ and 66 LITE.NODEs™ for the Petrie Mill USC University Campus development. This project fell under the Moreton Bay Regional Council and will offer world-class opportunities for 10,000 university students from 2020. Upon completion in 2020, the project will provide the University of Sunshine Coast campus with the following benefits:

  • ENE.HUB LED street lighting
  • Environmental noise sensor
  • Public announcement system
  • 1 x visual display screen
  • Smart Help assist button
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Electric vehicle charging